British Paintings

British paintings are covered in full throughout this website, with the most famous included as images for your pleasure. Each painting is also discussed briefly alongside information on each artist as well. There is a fuller list of the most famous British paintings and artists further down the page, but this website pays particular attention to the likes of JW Turner, JW Waterhouse, Joshua Reynolds, John Constable, Thomas Gainsborough among many others.

The best known art movements involved with British art include the Romanticists and the Pre-Raphaelites, which cover up to the end of the 19th century. Since then there have been an impressive set of artists who have dominated contemporary art across Europe, but this website concentrates on the more traditional painting styles which came before the 20th century. You can also find British paintings here.

British Paintings

British Paintings

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British paintings started to have a major influence within European art once the Renaissance and Baroque periods had passed by and new styles started to gain attention. John Constable and JMW Turner brought landscape painting into the mainstream for the first time with some imaginative and emotional depictions of the British landscape and some years later there was a British-based movement called the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood which continued to attract academic interest to the UK with a flurry of skilled artists following a similar approach to their work which also proved very popular with the art public of that era.

The history of British art is filled with some large artistic institutions which remain very strong today, with the best examples including the Royal Academy and the different versions of the Tate which continues to expand. The Tate has now been extended to include locations in Cornwall and Liverpool plus an additional museum is available on London's Southbank which is solely for modern art. The Royal Academy has always selected the finest artists within Britain at any one time and served as an excellent historical record of the major influences over time.

Gainsborough Blue Boy

Blue Boy painting by Thomas Gainsborough

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Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough can be found at and is perhaps the finest work by a British artist who became best known for his combinations of portraits within landscapes which was highly original at the time and led to the painter receiving many prestigious commissions, as seen in Mr and Mrs Andrews which is also included within this website.

Constable Haywain

Haywain painting by Constable

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Constable's Haywain is a classic example of British art and helps to promote the beauty of the British countryside, thanks to an artist who devoted his whole career to landscape painting and rarely produced anything else. Constable sits alongside Turner as the most influential British landscape painters in history. You can read more on Constable haywain at

Waterhouse Lady of Shalott

Lady of Shalott painting by JW Waterhouse

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Lady of Shalott is a classic JW Waterhouse painting which draws on literature to inspire an artist who held an incredible imagination which he used to being just a few words to life with his bright and charming style of painting. The success of Waterhouse means that several of his paintings are included within this website, but Lady of Shalott remains his most famous of all. Find more on Lady of Shalott here.

Millais Ophelia

Ophelia painting by Millais

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Ophelia is a classic painting from Millais and fits easily into the British Pre-Raphaelite movement which also included artists like JW Waterhouse, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Holman-Hunt amongst others. Ophelia required great preparation by artist Millais who hired a model to slowly bath within a river in order to make his painting lifelike and it is another Pre-Raphaelite painting heavily inspired by British literature. Read more on Millais Ophelia here.

Landseer Monarch of the Glen

Monarch of the Glen painting by Landseer

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Monarch of the Glen by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer is a classic art work that depicts the Scottish landscape which is what this artist became best known for. The stag included within this painting is just one of many animals captured by him within his career. Landseer was also well known for his links to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and was one of their preferred artists, producing several works that covered their time when in Scotland.

Jack Vettriano Singing Butler

Singing Butler painting by Jack Vettriano

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Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano is the most famous painting to date from this highly talented Scottish artist who has built up an impressive following across Europe and North America despite sometimes being rejected by art academics. Vettriano uses paintings like The Singing Butler to cover period scenes often with romantic situations that many find instantly accesssible. Further details on Singing Butler are here.

George Stubbs Whistlejacket

Whistlejacket painting by George Stubbs

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Whistlejacket by George Stubbs is one of the most impressive horse paintings of all time and underlines the technical ability of this British artist who spent considerable amounts of time studying the anatomical construction of different animals in order to make his paintings as accurate as possible. As well as horses, as seen in Whistlejacket, Stubbs also loved to paint dogs commonly as well.

Hogarth Gin Lane

Gin Lane painting by Hogarth

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Gin Lane is a politically important etching from William Hogarth who was highlighting the dangers of this drink which was eventually given restrictions within the Gin Laws as a direct result of the campaign in which Hogarth was involved. Gin Lane was accompanied by another piece entitled Beer Street and the two were aimed at highlighting the dangers of Gin against the more beneficial British beer which the artist approved of.

Turner Fighting Temeraire

Fighting Temeraire painting by Turner

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. You can read more about Fighting Temeraire here.

List of Famous British Paintings

Please see below for a summarised list of the best British paintings that are featured throughout this website.

List of Famous British Artists

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List of Famous British Art Galleries & Museums

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More British Paintings

Lowry Coming Home from the Mill

Coming Home from the Mill painting by Lowry

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Leighton Accolade

Accolade painting by Edmund Blair Leighton

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Lady Godiva Collier

Lady Godiva painting by Collier

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Waterhouse Boreas

Boreas painting by JW Waterhouse

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Waterhouse Mermaid

Mermaid painting by JW Waterhouse

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Montague Dawson Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon painting by Montague Dawson

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God Speed Edmund Blair Leighton

God Speed painting by Edmund Blair Leighton

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Cotman One of the Family

One of the Family painting by Cotman

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Waterhouse Hylas and the Nymphs

Hylas and the Nymphs painting by Waterhouse

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Munnings Drum Horse

Drum Horse painting by Munnings

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Joshua Reynolds Young Fortune Teller

Young Fortune Teller painting by Joshua Reynolds

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Beer Street William Hogarth

Beer Street painting by William Hogarth

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Turner Rain Steam and Speed

Rain Steam and Speed painting by Turner

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Cornfield Constable

Cornfield painting by Constable

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Stubbs Bay Horse and White Dog

Bay Horse and White Dog painting by George Stubbs

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Gainsborough Mr and Mrs Andrews

Mr and Mrs Andrews painting by Thomas Gainsborough

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Joseph Wright Of Derby Alchymist

Alchymist painting by Joseph Wright Of Derby

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